May 18, 2012 – Kerry Wood Retires

18 May

2012 Topps Heritage – Kerry Wood

His career didn’t end up being what we all thought it would be back in 1998 – when he struck out 233 batters in 166.2 innings – but Kerry Wood was the kind of player you don’t see all that often.  Injuries aside, he was pretty much what you would call a generational talent.

Kerry Wood retired today.  Not a lot of people get to go out the way he did – watch this video to determine if you have a soul.  If you get a bit emotional, congratulations, you’re part of the human race.  If you don’t choke up even just a little, well, I’m not sure you’re telling the truth, and also, you’re probably not paying attention, so try watching again.  Don’t lie to me.

If you need a reminder of how good he was, watch this clip of his 20 strikeout game.  As a rookie.  Early in the season.

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