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Newsworthy – Barry Larkin, January 9, 2012

9 Jan

1988 Donruss - Barry Larkin

Barry Larkin did not have a mustache.  He does not have a name like Razor Shines or Rusty Kuntz.  There was never anything spectactular about his haircut.  Even if he grew a beard (and since he played for the Reds, he couldn’t), it could never have made him look badass.  Yet, somehow, despite all these glaring shortcomings, Barry Larkin is now a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I wish the BBWAA would contact me when they are doing their annual voting.  I would help point them in the proper direction.  For example, Jack Morris had a fantastic mustache, and Lee Smith’s beard still haunts my dreams to this day.  Also, Fred McGriff’s nickname was Crime Dog.  Crime Dog.  These things need to be considered much more carefully.

Badass Beards – Bruce Sutter

25 Oct

1984 Topps - Bruce Sutter

I don’t think I could have been a successful closer in the 1970’s and 80’s.  My facial hair just isn’t up to par.  Today’s case in point: Bruce Sutter.

Sutter, who changed the game by perfecting the splitter, was also the first ever pitcher elected to the Hall of Fame who never started even one game.  Also, he wore number 42, which made it a bit awkward when the Cardinals retired his number.  Something about some kid named Robinson wearing it with a bit more meaning.

But really, is all that stuff important?  Let’s get our priorities straight.  I mean, look at that 1984 Topps card.  That beard had flow!  How many beards could flow in the breeze better than most men’s hair?  Bruce Sutter, we salute you.

Newsworthy – July 24, 2011 – Hall of Fame Induction

24 Jul

1992 Fleer - Roberto Alomar

Congratulations to Roberto Alomar, Pat Gillick and Bert Blyleven on their induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame today, but especially to Alomar and Gillick, because of their contributions to the Toronto Blue Jays’ 1992 and 1993 World Series Championship teams and my bias as a Jays fan.

Alomar also once hit a big home run off Dennis Eckersley that changed the Blue Jays into a team that could get the job done, and then rubbed it in for the A’s a bit.  Eck was never the same again after that hit.

Manly, Magical Mustaches – Eddie Murray

18 Jul

1989 Donruss - Eddie Murray

There’s a lot happening on this card:

-Helmet over ball cap over Afro
-Orange jersey and wrist bands
-Bright green and yellow borders screaming “1989!” at the top of their lungs
-Old school Baltimore Orioles logo

A tip of the cap to you, Mr. Murray.  And your mustache.

Newsworthy – January 8, 2011 – Roberto Alomar & Pat Gillick in the HOF

8 Jan

1991 Fleer Ultra - Roberto Alomar

I’m a couple days late on this Newsworthy item, and the “newsworthiness” of it probably expired a day or two ago.  Deal with it.

Based on play alone, this honour is well deserved for Roberto Alomar, arguably one of the greatest second basemen to ever play the game.

However, there’s more to the story here.  It’s not about steroids, but about the questions of what belongs on a moral pedestal and what doesn’t.  Check out a great article over at Drunk Jays Fans that sums it up perfectly.

Either way, good to see a Jays cap in the hall, but to be honest, I’m happier for Pat Gillick.

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