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Pujols vs. Hatcher

1 May

2010 Topps Opening Day - Albert Pujols

1987 Topps - Mickey Hatcher

So, it would turn out that Albert Pujols is upset with Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher for revealing some pretty mundane details about a meeting Pujols had with other Angels hitters.  Probably something the hitting coach should avoid doing – what could he possibly gain from that?

However, did Albert Pujols have a card in 1987 Topps?  No, he did not, because he was seven years old in 1987.  Advantage, Hatcher.

There is some actual analysis of this situation and of Pujols’ season thus far over at Getting Blanked.

Badass Beards – Bryn Smith

14 Sep

1987 Topps - Bryn Smith

Bryn Smith (not Bryan, Bryn) was an underrated pitcher.  He went 18-5 with a 2.91 ERA with the 1985 Montreal Expos.  Bryn Smith also had an underrated beard.  What it lacked in dark colour it made up for in depth and thickness.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Too Cool For Cardboard – Tom Foley

30 Aug

1987 Topps - Tom Foley

Look at what’s going on here with Tom Foley:

-Powder blue uniform
-Tight pants, high stirrups
-Cement-like, neon green AstroTurf
-One batting glove
-Classic one-knee pose

I feel like I’m being screamed at by the 1980’s when I look at this card.

Foley is pulling the look off in a big way.  The photo reminds me of a quote I saw at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown a couple of weeks ago: “I stand at the plate in Philadelphia and I don’t honestly know whether I’m in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Philly.  They all look alike.” – Richie Hebner, Pirates Third Baseman

I think this one is Pittsburgh.  I really don’t know though.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Too Cool for Cardboard – Keith Hernandez

24 Jun

1987 Topps - Keith Hernandez

One of the best Seinfeld episodes ever – and that’s saying a lot, there were some great ones – was an episode from Season Three called The Boyfriend.  Read about it at the A.V. Club.

Keith Hernandez was a star in that episode.  He was cool.  Evidence above: 1987 Topps.  Fresh off the 1986 World Series win, staring into the distance, grinning.  You can tell exactly what he’s thinking… “I’m Keith Hernandez.  I won the MVP in ’79, I can do whatever I want to.”

You’re right, Keith, you can.

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