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Names I Can’t Believe Aren’t Famous – Goose Gozzo

1 Jul
1990 Topps - Goose Gozzo

1990 Topps – Goose Gozzo

In August and September 1989, the Toronto Blue Jays were battling their way back to an AL East division crown and an 89-73 record after starting the season just 12-24.  From August 8-22, a rookie pitcher named Mauro “Goose” Gozzo picked up four wins for the Jays, including three in a row in his only three starts of the season.  For that very brief time, Goose captured the hearts of Jays fans.  It was an entertaining team, and he had some competition in terms of names – Junior and Mookie and so on.

However, it wasn’t all rainbows and kittens for Goose.  On the final day of the season, Goose allowed five runs, blowing the save and preventing his team from winning 90 games.  He didn’t pitch in their five game loss to Oakland in the ALCS, and never pitched for the Blue Jays again.  There’s a great summary of his career over at The Greatest 21 Days.

These days, Goose runs a baseball organization called “Goose’s Gamers,” which isn’t a ridiculous name at all.  If you’re going to go by a nickname like Goose, you might as well get full mileage out of it.

Newsworthy – Mike Flanagan

24 Aug

1990 Topps - Mike Flanagan

So, Mike Flanagan died today. Pretty sad news.

Mike Flanagan was left-handed.  I am left-handed.  Mike Flanagan had a great mustache.  I am an appreciator of fine mustaches.  Mike Flanagan helped the Blue Jays to the 1989 AL East title.  I enjoyed watching the Blue Jays win the 1989 AL East title.  I liked Mike Flanagan.

Even though you really belonged to Baltimore all along, thanks for the great years in Toronto too, Mike.

Newsworthy – October 26, 2010 – John Farrell

26 Oct

1990 Topps - John Farrell

On Monday, John Farrell was named the 12th manager in Toronto Blue Jays history.  On Monday, Torontonians also elected a new mayor, who seems incredibly unpopular, despite the fact that he won the election.

A great Maple Leafs blog, Down Goes Brown, summed it up when they tweeted the following: “John Farrell is going to feel bad when he goes to the newsstand tomorrow and sees every headline is ‘New guy is moron who will ruin city.’”  Check them out on Twitter @downgoesbrown.

Welcome aboard, Farrell.

Newsworthy – Cito Gaston

29 Sep

1990 Topps - Cito Gaston

Thanks, Cito, for all the great years, and the not so great ones too.  It’s been a great ride being a Blue Jays fan.

1991 Topps - Cito Gaston

Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1990 Topps, Mel Hall

22 Aug

1990 Topps - Mel Hall

So, in the late 1980’s, Mel Hall became “interested in the art of barbering,” to the point where he gave haircuts to teammates before games.  I wonder if they let the tiger watch.

And then, in 2009, this happened.

Maybe they need more barbers in prison.

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