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Out of Place – Mitch Williams, Houston Astros

9 May
1994 O-Pee-Chee - Mitch Williams

1994 O-Pee-Chee – Mitch Williams

Where have I been, you ask?  Don’t worry about it.  I’m back.

So, earlier today I was introduced to the following trailer: http://vimeo.com/65751635

This got me thinking about Mitch Williams.  As it turns out, that low and inside pitch that he threw to Joe Carter was the last pitch he ever threw for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Even though he pitched more career games and innings for the Texas Rangers, Mitch will always be a Phillie to me.  I will certainly never think of him as a Houston Astro, as he appears on the lovely piece of O-Pee-Chee cardboard above.

To be fair, I’m not sure the Houston Astros want to remember Mitch Williams all that much either.  He was about as good there, consistently, as he was on his pitch to Carter in Game Six.  He had a 7.65 ERA in 25 games, six saves and a walk rate of 10.8 per nine innings.  All of that for just $2.5 million.  In 1994 dollars.  Good deal!

At least he still had that great mess of a mullet.  It’s almost worth a roster spot on its own.

WTF – 1989 Donruss, Bill Doran

26 Sep

1989 Donruss - Bill Doran

Why is Bill Doran not reacting at all in this photo?  The ball might be about to hit him in the chin.  Look closely.  He’s not even reacting at all.  The ball is RIGHT THERE.

BILL!  Watch out!  Don’t get hit in the face with the baseball!

Fantastic Fashions – The Houston Astros

27 Sep

1982 Fleer - Craig Reynolds

You can’t talk about baseball fashion without talking about this uniform worn by the Houston Astros.  They wore these rainbow duds at least part-time from 1975 through to 1986, and for several years they had home and road versions of the orange and yellow stripes.

The Astros have gone through several uniform changes since changing their name from the Colt .45’s to the Astros after the 1964 season, but this one is certainly the highlight.  Trapped forever on cardboard in 1982 Fleer (above), Craig Reynolds models not only the uniform itself, but a great orange batting helmet to go with it.

Thanks to the Houston Astros for contributing heavily to baseball’s retro movement.

Haircuts I Wish I Could Pull Off – The Afro, Tony Scott Edition

23 Sep

1982 Topps - Tony Scott

For a guy drafted in the 71st round (1969, Montreal Expos), Tony Scott had a good career, playing 991 games in the Majors.

I credit the haircut.  That.  Thing.  Is.  Awesome.

That is all.

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