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High Tech – Andre Dawson

7 Sep
1993 Upper Deck - Andre Dawson

1993 Upper Deck – Andre Dawson

Sometime during the 1992 season, Andre Dawson fell awkwardly into a brick wall at Wrigley Field after making a catch (don’t question me, the ball is in his glove).  Because they had the technology to do so, Upper Deck documented this incident with a multi-shot baseball card.  This makes perfect sense, because they couldn’t find a usable shot of him slipping on his way up the stairs, or stubbing his toe on a coffee table.  Great work depicting a future bench player for the 1996 Florida Marlins.

Newsworthy – Ozzie Guillen

27 Sep

1987 Donruss - Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen said a lot of funny things.  If you are not very smart and therefore don’t believe me, read this and you will understand.

Yesterday, he quit – er, was released from his contract – as Manager of the Chicago White Sox.  Asked why, he said:

“Life is about money. People don’t believe that, but people are happy after they make money. I have to make money out of somewhere. I’m not a doctor or a lawyer, where you’ll have a job for the rest of your life.”

Ozzie Guillen earned over $23 million dollars during his career as a professional baseball player, and was reportedly to be paid two million dollars by Chicago in 2012 as their Manager.

So… Ozzie Guillen made a lot of normal people feel like dicks yesterday.

Fantastic Fashions – The Florida Marlins

31 Aug

1993 Upper Deck - Scott Pose

Just look at all that… TEAL.  Wow.

Teal invaded Major League Baseball in 1993 with the same intensity that is on Scott Pose’s face as he rounds the bases.

The Florida Marlins brought teal with them, and the Colorado Rockies were responsible for the introduction of purple.  In hockey, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim combined both.  The results were not good.

It really was out of control back then.

High Tech – 1994 Topps, Bret Barberie

26 May

1994 Topps - Bret Barberie

Sometimes, we find some pretty high-tech stuff in sports cards.  Like, seriously high-tech stuff.  This new category will look at some of these innovations that change not only the sports memorabilia industry, but in fact change the world.

Leading us off is 1994 Topps, on a card featuring, for some reason, Bret Barberie clad heavily in early Florida Marlins teal.  Sliding into the bag at second is a young Jeff Bagwell.  And you will notice that there are multiple shots of the play being made, so that you can see how it went down.

It’s kind of like Sportflics, without having to tilt the card.


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