On This Date: The Buck Martinez Legend Begins

10 May

1981 Topps – Buck Martinez

May 10: On this date in 1981, Buck Martinez was traded by the Milwaukee Brewers to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Gil Kubski.  This is what Buck Martinez looked like on his 1981 Topps baseball card.  I’d like to call for an immediate return of his mustache.

Martinez would play for the Jays from 1981-86, batting a cumulative .222 in 454 games.  Gil Kubski never played in the Majors after this trade.  Also, this trade started Buck’s long-standing connection to the Toronto Blue Jays.  He has played, managed and broadcasted, he even wrote books, all to varying degrees of success.  However, all of it led to this website, leading me to say, advantage to the Blue Jays on this one.  Another win for Pat Gillick.

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