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Fantastic Fashions – John Slaney

28 Jan
1990-91 Upper Deck - John Slaney

1990-91 Upper Deck – John Slaney

At the NHL draft, when a player’s name is called by his new team, he takes the stage and is given a new hat and a jersey for his first NHL photo opportunity.  This photo opportunity usually takes place with the team’s owner, the general manager, head coach, someone’s kid, and a couple of other people who I’m sure do a hell of a job for the team.

Usually, the player takes a moment to try to make himself look presentable.  Other times, like at the 1990 NHL Draft, players like John Slaney decide that the best way to wear a bad hat is to perch it atop a bad bowl haircut as awkwardly as possible.  In Slaney’s case, he obviously followed three key rules to draft headwear:

1. Ensure the hat is worn as loosely as possible and make zero effort whatsoever to resize it.
2. Ensure the team’s logo is almost impossible to see on the hat due to the upward angle of the brim.
3. Ensure that everyone knows you cut your own hair with a pair of lefthanded scissors (you know, the ones with the green handles.  Come on.)

Now, I think Slaney is owed a bit of a break on this one – but for one reason and one reason only: his winning goal against the USSR in the 1991 World Junior tournament (see goal #6 on the linked video). Come to think of it, how much shit does John Slaney get away with in life for scoring that goal?  I’m not saying he shouldn’t, just asking.  If I scored that goal, I’d want some mulligans too.

Then & Now – Dale Hunter

12 Dec

Once, he wore a really bad hat and modeled the new Capitals jerseys on a hockey card:

1995-96 Topps - Dale Hunter

Now, he is their head coach and they are wearing red, white and blue again:

Dale Hunter, ladies and gentlemen.  Pretty tough dude, unless you ask Pierre Turgeon.

Manly, Magical Mustaches – Dennis Maruk

17 Mar

1981-82 Topps - Dennis Maruk

Interesting things about Dennis Maruk:

-He played in the NHL for the California Golden Seals
-He led the NHL’s Cleveland Barons in scoring in both of their NHL seasons in the late 1970’s
-He was the first Washington Capital to score 100 points in a season
-He was the first Washington Capital to score 60 goals in a season (25 years before that Ovechkin kid)
-He was fourth in the NHL in scoring in 1981-82

He did all this while standing 5 foot 8.  He can grow a Fu Manchu if he wants to.  You try doing all that.

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