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WTF – 1988 Fleer, Tim Flannery

22 May

1988 Fleer - Tim Flannery

So, Tim Flannery is sharing equal amounts of card space here with a Sauritch surfboard.  In fact, the surfboard might be the primary focus of the photo.  Upon looking at the back of the card, I discovered that Tim Flannery was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The surfing connection did not make sense unless Tulsa has an ocean shoreline I’m unaware of.

So, I looked into it further, and with the help of trusty Wikipedia, and also MLB.com, it turns out he is a legend in San Diego.  He stands fourth all time on the Padres games played list, behind only Tony Gwynn, Garry Templeton, and Dave Winfield.  Therefore, it is fully possible that upon becoming a local legend, Flannery also became involved in local activities like surfing.

However, it is still ridiculous that this card exists – it’s a fucking surfboard.

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