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Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1992 Donruss Triple Play – Doug Drabek

29 Sep

1992 Triple Play - Doug Drabek

1992 Triple Play - Doug Drabek (back)

“Pirate pitcher Harvey Haddix pitched a perfect game (no hits, walks or errors) for 12 innings in 1959 but lost the game in the 13th.”

Wow, that is impressive.  That’s a long way to go to be perfect and lose.  That would not feel good… I’ll bet it would feel kind of like being 9 games up in the AL Wild Card race on September 2, but then putting up a 7-20 record the rest of the way to miss the playoffs on the last day of the season by losing to Baltimore.  Baltimore!  Nope, actually, that would be way worse.  Imagine being a fan of a team like that!  But wait… could that possibly happen?  Seems impossible…

Yes, I have taken this almost completely unrelated moment to shamelessly rip on the Red Sox.  I have enjoyed this.  Thank you and good night.

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