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Names I Can’t Believe Aren’t Famous – Razor Shines

4 Jul

1986 Topps - Razor Shines

So I was tearing through an $8 box of 1986 Topps baseball, when I came across this card.  I was already thinking life was grand because of the glory of the ’86 Topps set, but this put it over the top for me that day.  I literally laughed out loud when I saw the name.  Razor Shines.  How the hell have I gone my whole life without knowing who this man is?

Seriously, look at the photo – this guy oozes cool.  You can just tell he’s pissed that the photographer made him take his aviators off before he took the photo, and you know he’s going to hold out as long as he can before he starts wearing batting helmets with the ear cover.  Those mutton chops creeping onto his cheeks are spectacular as well.

Razor actually never suited up for a game in 1986, but finished his illustrious career with two hits in 11 at-bats for the Expos in 1987.  Total Major League at-bats: 88.  Total Major League runs: zero.

Razor is now the first base coach for the New York Mets and is something of a Minor League legend, apparently.  Oh, the joys I find with Google.

Razor Shines is further proof that 1986 Topps may be the greatest set of all time with almost no financial value.

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