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Brothers From Another Mother – Mike Huff/Hough

20 Mar
1992 Topps - Mike Huff

1992 Topps – Mike Huff

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee - Mike Hough

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee – Mike Hough

So, they may have spelled their names differently, but Mike Huff and Mike Hough might very well be related to each other.

How we know they’re different people:

Mike Huff was a marginal Major League Baseball player who played in 369 total games for the Dodgers, Indians, White Sox and Blue Jays.  Mike Hough was a pretty regular NHL’er for over a decade, retiring after the 1998-99 season when he realized that playing for the New York Islanders, Utah Grizzlies and Lowell Lock Monsters in one season wasn’t fun anymore.

How we’re not sure they’re different people because we’ve never seen them in the same room together:

Both of the Mike Huffs/Houghs were born in 1963.  The baseball version was born in Honolulu, and the hockey version was born in Montreal.  Yeah.  Honolulu.  Sure, Mike Huff.  Also, both are listed at 6 feet 1 inch tall.  Convenient.  The kicker here is that Mike Huff, again, conveniently, never became a regular Major Leaguer, which made it much easier to manage his professional hockey career in the NHL.  He just joined his baseball team midseason once he was done on the ice.  I’m convinced this is true and I won’t listen to your reasons why it’s not.

Out of Place – Guy Lafleur

18 Mar

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee - Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur made his return to the NHL in 1988-89 with the New York Rangers, after leaving the NHL during the 1984-85 season.  I had been too young to know him as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, so this card should have seemed normal to me, but even still, he looks out of place here – the name, the uniform, the logo… just some kind of unholy trinity.  He knew he was meant to be somewhere else.  He even looks disinterested – look at his facial expression… “Yeah, I’ll take the warmup, but I’m not going to try… and I’m not going to like it.”

This is probably sacrilege to Montreal fans – but I thought his year with the Rangers looked even weirder than the two years with the hated cross-provincial rivals, the Quebec Nordiques.

I await your letters.

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