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Too Cool for Cardboard – Kelly Hrudey

10 Apr

1997-98 Score - Kelly Hrudey

I cannot begin to tell you how cool Kelly Hrudey was when this photo was taken.  Oh, all that spectacular California teal.  The jerseys, the shark logo, the sparkling new gloves… no wonder this shit was the most popular logo in the NHL at the time.  The Teal Revolution spurred on several impostors, but none who made it as cool as the Sharks.  The Mighty Ducks?  With purple? Not even close.  The Islanders?  A teal wave?  Can’t believe they even tried.

Now, I’m not done.  Back to Hrudey’s coolness.  The Sharks ball cap… is it a Starter?  I can’t tell, but all the best ones were… and whatever the brand, I’ll bet I wanted that hat.  Oh, and all that flow the hat is keeping in – usually the job of a beautiful baby blue bandana, but not on the bench I guess.  Why wear a bandana when you can have the coolest lid in the league?  And let’s not forget that “I’m better than you” expression on his face.  Awesome.

Hell yeah, Kelly Hrudey.  So cool you have two posts on this magnificent blog.  Way too cool for 1997-98 Score.  You sung it, and you brung it.

Fantastic Fashions – Kelly Hrudey

20 Oct

1990-91 Pro Set - Kelly Hrudey

While probably most famous for his bandana, we will save that Kelly Hrudey post for another day.  Right now, we need to look at what’s going on in Hrudey’s 1990-91 Pro Set card.

The mask is something else.  I think Arturs Irbe and Hrudey shopped at the same store in the early 1990’s.  That whole thing with the white neck guard hanging down is just a mess.

The pads – I just don’t understand what’s going on here.  First of all, it looks like Hrudey hadn’t gotten a new set of pads since his rookie season in 1983-84.  Those things have been abused.  Secondly, he came to Los Angeles partway through the 1988-89 season.  Either he took waaaaay to long to break in black and white pads, or (more likely) Pro Set used an old photo.

No matter what, in terms of fashion, Hrudey is just pulling together all kinds of terrible on this card.

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