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Newsworthy – 2012 MLB Home Run Derby

9 Jul

2012 Topps – Prince Fielder

As it turns out, Prince Fielder is a hitter, not a quitter (see Terry Tate, Office Linebacker), as he won the Home Run Derby at the MLB All-Star festivities in Kansas City tonight.  He certainly deserved it, hitting two that traveled 476 feet and several into the fountains at Kauffman Stadium (insert your own wet balls joke here).  As you can see in the image above, he also plays first base, although I think his body type is better suited to shortstop or centre field.

Toronto’s Jose Bautista finished second, putting on a good show as countless people across America asked themselves where exactly Toronto was and why the SkyDome/Rogers Centre kind of looks like an igloo, when Canadians are always making such a big deal of the fact that they do not, in fact, live in igloos.

1991 Donruss – George Brett

1992 O-Pee-Chee – John Kruk

The best moments of the evening, however, were provided by George Brett, for showing up on live television drunk, and John Kruk, for crushing a pile of Kansas City barbecue ribs as if he still had a mullet.  Now, that said, I am merely commenting, not judging.  If I was George Brett, I’d get drunk at an All-Star Game in Kansas City too, and KC makes some of the best barbecue out there, so I can’t blame Kruk for not waiting until the post-event spread.

All in all, a pretty entertaining evening.  Good on you, Major League Baseball.

Brothers From Another Mother – Jose Bautista

27 Jul

1989 Fleer - Jose Bautista

2011 Topps - Jose Bautista

Sometimes, there are multiple professional athletes with the same name.  I have started this category to help alleviate some of the confusion surrounding this, and to help the masses know who is who.  It is one of my gifts to the world.

There have been two Jose Bautistas in the Major Leagues.  The first was Jose Joaquin (Arias) Bautista, who played for the Orioles, Cubs, Giants, Tigers and Cardinals between 1988 and 1997.

The second (Jose Antonio Bautista) is still active today, and currently plays in Toronto.  His career started in 2004.  He is also very good at baseball.

How we know they’re different people:

Jose Antonio Bautista hit 54 home runs in 2010, leading the Major Leagues, and in 2011 is hitting .329 on July 27.  Jose Joaquin Bautista, meanwhile, hit .100 with zero home runs and one RBI in his Major League Career, spread over nine seasons and 50 at-bats… he was also a pitcher.

How we’re not sure they’re different people because we’ve never seen them in the same room together:

Both were selected in the Rule 5 draft by the Baltimore Orioles, and both are from the Dominican Republic.

Clear?  You’re welcome.

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