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Newsworthy – Hill & McDonald

25 Aug

2006 Topps - Aaron Hill

2008 Topps - John McDonald

John McDonald made a spectacular play last night for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  It sure won’t be the same in Toronto without him, or Aaron Hill for that matter.  Both served the organization well, but McDonald was one of those Rance Mulliniks types that it’s just impossible not to like.  He made plays like this routine.  And as for that Father’s Day home run in 2010, well, I’ve said it before, if that doesn’t make you emotional, you don’t have a soul.

I do feel the need to share something though.  When the Diamondbacks decided to start putting “D-Backs” on their jerseys, did nobody think how much “D-Backs” sounds like “D-Bags”?  You know, like short for douchebags?  I’m not sure I would have made that marketing decision.  But then, I’m not a marketing expert.

Hopefully the Blue Jays don’t fuck up their uniforms too badly for 2012, and we’ll see McDonald wearing one again.

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