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Fantastic Fashions – John Burkett

4 Jun

1992 Pinnacle – John Burkett Sidelines

In 1992, Pinnacle had a subset called “Sidelines” which showcased some baseball players’ off-field hobbies and activities.  In this case, they talked about pitcher John Burkett, then of the San Francisco Giants.  As it turns out, Burkett was something of a bowler.  The Boston Globe mentioned it in an article from the 2003-2004 offseason, when Burkett was still hoping to get a Major League pitching job (he didn’t) and was planning to enter some bowling events.  (Side question: are they called matches?  Tournaments? Bonspiels? Please advise.)

However, we can see that Burkett wasn’t much of a dresser with that pink golf shirt and acid washed jeans – like, not a little bit acid washed.  We are talking about industrial grade, straight out of a 1987 Camaro acid washed.  And are those even bowling shoes?  Come on, John.  Wear the clown shoes like the rest of the damn world.  Good form, though.

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