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Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1985 Topps, Jim Gott

27 Sep

1985 Topps - Jim Gott (Front)

1985 Topps - Jim Gott (Back)

“Jim’s hobbies include Hapikido Karate.  He also enjoys ballet and opera.  Wife’s name is Clenice.”

If I hadn’t seen such a strange mix of hobbies and interests on the back of this card, I never would have done a Google search for Jim and found out a few things.

First, he helped teach Dennis Quaid how to pitch for the movie The Rookie.

Second, Jim and his wife Cathy (not Clenice…) spend a lot of time working with children with autism, including two of their own children.

Respect level way up, Jim Gott.  We can all learn from 1985 Topps.

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