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Manly, Magical Mustaches – The Vu(c)koviches, Brothers From a Different Mother

19 Aug

1984 Topps - George Vukovich

1984 Topps - Pete Vuckovich

George Vukovich and Pete Vuckovich are not actually brothers.  You know how I know this?  I know this because their last names are spelled differently.  I’m a genius, no big deal.  Also, they were born and raised in different states (Vukovich in Illinois, Vuckovich in Pennsylvania).

However, a bond that runs much deeper than blood connects them.  It is a bond shared by but the manliest of manly men.  It is the bond of the mustache.

Although George put up a few decent years in the mid-1980’s, Pete is the more famous of the two.  He actually won the Cy Young Award in 1982 with the AL Champion Milwaukee Brewers. Yeah, the Brewers were good once.  True story.

However, I would suggest that it was his Oscar-worthy performance in one of the all-time best sports movies in history that defined his career.  You see, in 1989, Pete portrayed Yankees slugger Clu Haywood in Major League.  And yes, he still had the mustache then.

Ironically, George played the majority of his career with the real-life Cleveland Indians.  Coincidence?  I think not.

SIDE NOTE: Great article where I found that Haywood photo, actually.  Some good discussion points about movie athletes.

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