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Manly, Magical Mustaches – Fred McGriff

22 Aug

1990 Upper Deck – Fred McGriff

Fred McGriff had a pretty good career in the Major Leagues of Baseball.  He hit 493 career home runs, which is more than all but 26 men in history.  He averaged over 100 RBI per 162 games, which used to mean something.  He hit .303 in 188 career postseason at bats, including a World Series win with Atlanta (yes, they actually won one).  So, yeah, not bad.

However, he has always been underrated in one crucial category: the mustache.  It wasn’t imposing, didn’t dominate your attention when you looked at him.  But it was there.  In an era of Goose Gossage, Wade Boggs, and Eddie Murray, McGriff easily flew under the mustache radar.  When you look at it though, that’s kind of hard to believe.  It was well-manicured without being fancy and full without going overboard.  It was a subtle and consistent compliment to a subtle and consistent ballplayer – and it deserves to be recognized as such.

Take a moment, raise your glass, and salute the underdog owned by the Crime Dog: the Manly, Magical Mustache of Fred McGriff.

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