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Too Cool for Cardboard – The 1993 New York Mets

30 Apr

1993 Upper Deck - Big Apple Power Switch

See what Upper Deck did here?  The New York Mets had a bunch of players in 1993 that were switch hitters as well as being fairly big names, so they made a card entitled “Big Apple Power Switch.”

Along with Eddie Murray, Howard Johnson, and Bobby Bonilla, the Metropolitans that year also boasted in their starting lineup a switch-hitting catcher in Todd Hundley, and a switch-hitting left fielder in Vince Coleman.  Hundley and Coleman obviously weren’t cool enough to be featured, but can you blame anyone for that?  Look how graceful Murray, Johnson and Bobby Bo look here.

How did that end up, you ask?  Well, they finished 59-103 that season in the midst of six losing seasons in a row.  So, not great.

Manly, Magical Mustaches – Eddie Murray

18 Jul

1989 Donruss - Eddie Murray

There’s a lot happening on this card:

-Helmet over ball cap over Afro
-Orange jersey and wrist bands
-Bright green and yellow borders screaming “1989!” at the top of their lungs
-Old school Baltimore Orioles logo

A tip of the cap to you, Mr. Murray.  And your mustache.

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