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WTF – Dave Schmidt, Diamond King?

28 Sep

1989 Donruss Diamond King - Dave Schmidt

I am sure Dave Schmidt is a fine person, and he had a decent career in the major leagues, kicking around five different teams between 1981 and 1992.  However, what in the world is he doing as a Diamond King with Donruss in 1989?

In 1988, Schmidt appeared in 41 games, starting nine, and finished with a record of 8-5.  Sure, that led a terrible 54-107 team in wins, but the Diamond King is supposed to be an echelon of awesomeness that only a select few (well, one per team every year for well over a decade) achieve.  I mean, they get Dick Perez to do a fucking painting of you when you’re a Diamond King.  That’s a big deal.

Obviously Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray did something to piss Donruss off that year.

Seriously, Donruss, WTF?

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