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Cool Stuff I Wish I’d Bought in the 80’s – 1986 Fleer Collector’s Hat

21 May

1986 Fleer Wax Pack wrapper

“Hey Kids!  Show off your favorite cards with Fleer’s All Star Collector’s Hat!  Holds 8 of your favorite cards!  Only $2.95 plus 3 proofs of purchase.”

I cannot make this up.  It is a hat that you put your baseball cards in, and then wear around on your head.  Seriously.  In case you need further visual assistance, here is a larger image from the back of the rack pack that this wax pack came in… you can see exactly how it works.

1986 Fleer Rack Pack close-up

If one of these exists out there somewhere, I want it.  Someone must have thought this was a good idea and hung onto it for 25 years.

Also, if I ever get a time machine, 1986 is my first stop so I can pick one of these bad boys up.  Maybe Doc Brown will let me borrow his DeLorean, or even Bill and Ted’s phone booth, whatever I can get my hands on.

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