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Out of Place – Jarome Iginla

10 Dec
2013-14 O-Pee-Chee - Jarome Iginla

2013-14 O-Pee-Chee – Jarome Iginla

So, here’s the thing.  Jarome Iginla played for the Calgary Flames for a long time, and he was pretty good at playing hockey for them.  That’s the way everyone should remember him.  Tonight, their fans all got to stand up and cheer about how much they loved him, and they played an emotional video and all that stuff.  It was actually kind of good.

Sure, he was drafted by Dallas (Calgary got him and Corey Millen for Joe Nieuwendyk, who was also pretty good) and now he plays in Boston, where they have a pretty good team.  But most people will probably remember him playing for the Flames, and leading them to within a few inches of the Stanley Cup in 2004.  The thing people might not remember is him playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins, for 13 regular season and 15 playoff games in 2012-13.

The weird twist to the Pittsburgh story is that everyone thought he’d been traded to Boston, including, in fact, the Boston Bruins (and quite possibly the Calgary Flames).  But then, when the dust had settled, he was on his way to Pennsylvania to join Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.  The Pens ended up losing to those very same Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Final.  Then, in the offseason, the Bruins signed Iggy as a free agent.  Make sense?  Not really?  Well, the point is, he played for Pittsburgh for a while and I don’t think many people will remember that.  Try to pay attention.


Newsworthy – May 27, 2011 – Boston Bruins Win the East

27 May

1990-91 Score - Wales Conference Champs

Well, it’s been 21 years, but the Bruins are back in the Stanley Cup Final.  As a symbol of my reluctant offering of congratulations to the Bruins and their fans, I would like to share this delightful treasure from 1990-91 Score.

Oh, the Wales Conference.  References to John Druce on the card back.  Canadien and Sher-Wood sticks.  Those were the days.

Vancouver-Boston.  It’s two teams I can’t stand, but at least it’s two hockey markets where people give a shit.  Let’s see how it goes.

Names I Can’t Believe Aren’t Famous – Bruce Shoebottom

30 Oct

1990-91 Pro Set - Bruce Shoebottom

Reasons besides the name Shoebottom that Shoebottom should be famous.  Found on the internet (a new and reasonably useful tool, check it out if you haven’t yet) at http://www.hockeydraftcentral.com/1983/83047.html:

-Suspended by IHL during 1986-87 season for going into stands to fight fans during a game at Salt Lake City
-Suspended by AHL during 1990-91 game for head butting linesman Brad Weeden
-Arrested and jailed for one night in 1991 after going into stands to fight a fan during a game at Utica
-In a 1994 game in Tulsa, he tried to leave the penalty box to resume a fight, and police had to intervene to protect the penalty box attendant, at which point he head butted the officer, who had to put him in a chokehold and use pepper spray to subdue him.

Also, great name.

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