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Too Cool For Cardboard – Bo Jackson

29 Aug

1990 Score - Bo Jackson (Front)

1990 Score - Bo Jackson (Back)

1991 Score - Bo Breaker (Front)

1991 Score - Bo Breaker (Back)

Bo wasn’t just too cool for cardboard.  In his prime, he created a new echelon of cool, one that is exceedingly difficult to reach.  In order to achieve this rare, Bo-like coolness, you need to have a card company produce special one-off cards of you for at least two consecutive years.  That is the rule.  Deal with it.

Case in point, Bo Jackson, 1990 and 1991 Score baseball.  There was no explanation on the back of either card as to what the purpose of the card was, just the word “Bo.”  The card fronts speak for themselves.

That’s cool.  Bo Knows.

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