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Too Cool For Cardboard – Tom Foley

30 Aug

1987 Topps - Tom Foley

Look at what’s going on here with Tom Foley:

-Powder blue uniform
-Tight pants, high stirrups
-Cement-like, neon green AstroTurf
-One batting glove
-Classic one-knee pose

I feel like I’m being screamed at by the 1980’s when I look at this card.

Foley is pulling the look off in a big way.  The photo reminds me of a quote I saw at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown a couple of weeks ago: “I stand at the plate in Philadelphia and I don’t honestly know whether I’m in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Philly.  They all look alike.” – Richie Hebner, Pirates Third Baseman

I think this one is Pittsburgh.  I really don’t know though.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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