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Fantastic Fashions – The Vancouver Red Canucks

31 Oct

1997-98 Score – Alexander Mogilny

So, today is Halloween.  However, just so we’re crystal clear here, the red uniform above that Alexander Mogilny is wearing was not a Halloween costume.  It was an actual uniform worn by the Vancouver Canucks in 1995-96, and then, because they were convinced it looked good, again – again! – in 1996-97.  I guess there is a Halloween theme here – because the Canucks’ uniform history has been something of a nightmare.  Heyo!

SIDE NOTE: you might not remember, but the Vancouver Canucks were an ice hockey team in the former National Hockey League (NHL).  You might remember the NHL for the times they actually played hockey between labour disputes.  In other news, I’m not bitter about the lockout.

Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1990-91 Pro Set, Alexander Mogilny

29 Jan

1990-91 Pro Set - Alexander Mogilny (Front)

1990-91 Pro Set - Alexander Mogilny (Back)

I learned a hell of a lot about Alexander Mogilny from the back of his 1990-91 Pro Set card.

  1. His nickname was “Magic.”  I never heard this one again.
  2. He had a roller-coaster rookie season in Buffalo after scoring on his first shift.
  3. He had to miss several games because of a fear of flying.  You might have picked the wrong business, kid.
  4. He won a gold medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.
  5. He loves the North American lifestyle, especially fast cars.  Shocking.

That’s a lot to digest all at once.  I could have completely skipped school that year and just read hockey cards.  Well done, Pro Set.

This remains one of my all-time favourite, albeit completely worthless, sets.

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