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Newsworthy – Ichiro Traded to Yankees

23 Jul

2012 Topps Archives – Ichiro

I don’t particularly like the Seattle Mariners.  While I don’t have a specific hate on for them or wish them any type of ill-will, for the most part, I enjoy that they are the less successful expansion cousins of 1977 and haven’t really done anything of consequence in the postseason – ever.

However, I like Ichiro Suzuki.  He has been unique to his generation, and probably unique to all of baseball history.  He’s been a lot of fun to watch, and we are fortunate to have been able to watch it from the sidelines and our living rooms.

It is for this reason that I am not happy about Ichiro’s trade to the Evil Empire of the New York Yankees today, even if he’s a shadow of what he once was and even if it made sense for the Mariners to move on.  I would prefer to remember Ichiro wearing Seattle’s colours – their somehow enduring teal and blue colours – and not this god-awful mess of Yankee nonsense:

 I’m sorry Ichiro, but I now wish for you to fail at baseball for as long as you are a Yankee.

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