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Manly, Magical Mustaches – Paul MacLean

15 Jun

1990-91 Score - Paul MacLean

As he was just named Head Coach of the Ottawa Senators (they still have a team?), I thought it would be a good time to celebrate an underrated mustache.  It’s thick, it’s dark, and it once scored 101 points in a season for the Winnipeg Jets.

MacLean played in the NHL from 1981 to 1991, which meant that for most of his career, his mustache lived in the shadows of perhaps the greatest mustache of all time, that of Lanny McDonald.  You could say his was Lemieux to Lanny’s Gretzky.  But, like Lemieux, MacLean’s mustache deserves a place of its own in the Hall of Fame.

In fact, it lives on to this day.  It’s a little greyer, a little more worn, but it’s still pretty incredible… you can see it in all it’s glory in this photo from yesterday’s press conference in Ottawa.

Newsworthy – May 27, 2011 – Boston Bruins Win the East

27 May

1990-91 Score - Wales Conference Champs

Well, it’s been 21 years, but the Bruins are back in the Stanley Cup Final.  As a symbol of my reluctant offering of congratulations to the Bruins and their fans, I would like to share this delightful treasure from 1990-91 Score.

Oh, the Wales Conference.  References to John Druce on the card back.  Canadien and Sher-Wood sticks.  Those were the days.

Vancouver-Boston.  It’s two teams I can’t stand, but at least it’s two hockey markets where people give a shit.  Let’s see how it goes.

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