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WTF – Steve Nicosia, 1982 Fleer

26 Jan

1982 Fleer - Steve Nicosia

Flashback to Spring Training 1981… Fleer’s Photographer is instructing Steve Nicosia in preparation for taking the picture on this card:

“Hey, Steve… here’s what you need to do.  Put on the brightest, loudest uniform that you can find… what?  Don’t overthink it man, you play for the fucking Pirates, you’ve got something that’ll work… Yeah, yellow, that looks good, and that striped cap, beautiful.  Now, get down on one knee and put your right hand on your hip.  There, now you look like a ballplayer!  No, don’t wear a glove, come on … I’m in charge here.  Hey, don’t hold that bat either.  You’re being ridiculous.  Focus, Steve.  Now, stare wistfully into the distance.  No, not that way, you idiot.  As if you’re trying to look behind you.  Therrrrre you go!  Wait, we can’t do this yet.  Something’s missing.  You know what, you’re chewing gum.  Blow a bubble.  Bigger… bigger… keep going… there it is!  Now hold that pose!  <Snaps two quick photos so as not to waste “film”>  You’re done buddy, thanks! … No, it didn’t look ridiculous … No, I will not do that … Yes, I’m actually a photographer.  Fuck this, I’m leaving.  Hope the 80’s don’t suck for Pittsburgh.”

And there you have it, the making of Steve Nicosia’s 1982 Fleer card.

Names I Can’t Believe Aren’t Famous – Danny Boone

3 Oct

1982 Fleer - Danny Boone

1991 Score - Dan Boone

There are two reasons that Danny Boone’s name should be famous:

1. He is a descendant of Daniel Boone, famous American pioneer and folk hero.

2. He pitched in the majors in 1981, 1982, and then after a lengthy absence from any level of the game, again in 1990.

Boone looked pretty happy on his 1982 Fleer card.  He was coming off his rookie season in 1981, posting a 2.84 ERA and 1-0 record in 37 relief appearances with San Diego.  Things looked good.  By 1983, however, he was out of the majors, and out of baseball altogether by the end of the 1984 season.

While away from the game, he learned how to throw a knuckleball, and by 1990 he got back to the big leagues with Baltimore.  Known by Dan by that time, he was featured in 1991 Score as a “Rookie Prospect,” ten years after his Major League debut.

Unfortunately, he never made it back to the big leagues, but it’s a great story.  What I’d like to know is whether there has ever been another prospect card released so long after a rookie card?

Fantastic Fashions – The Houston Astros

27 Sep

1982 Fleer - Craig Reynolds

You can’t talk about baseball fashion without talking about this uniform worn by the Houston Astros.  They wore these rainbow duds at least part-time from 1975 through to 1986, and for several years they had home and road versions of the orange and yellow stripes.

The Astros have gone through several uniform changes since changing their name from the Colt .45’s to the Astros after the 1964 season, but this one is certainly the highlight.  Trapped forever on cardboard in 1982 Fleer (above), Craig Reynolds models not only the uniform itself, but a great orange batting helmet to go with it.

Thanks to the Houston Astros for contributing heavily to baseball’s retro movement.

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