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Too Cool for Cardboard – Jeff(rey?) Leonard

27 Nov

1985 Topps All-Star - Jeff Leonard

For most of his career, I remember him as Jeffrey Leonard, but in 1985, it was just Jeff.

Yes, that’s a meshback cap on backwards – backwards!

Yes, he’s staring menacingly (seductively?) at the camera.

Yes, Wikipedia states that he was known for his “one flap down” home run trot, for taking too long to round the bases during the 1987 NLCS, and that he also acquired the nickname “Penitentiary Face.”  Seriously, check it out.

That’s cool.

Too Cool for Cardboard – 1989 Topps, Dave Winfield

4 Oct

1989 Topps - Dave Winfield

Everything about Dave Winfield in this picture is cool.  Let’s examine this more closely:

1. Hat perched on his head.  I get the feeling he could wear it inside out and it would still look cool.
2. No jersey on under that slick Yankees jacket, just a t-shirt.
3. The look.  That look says it all.  “I’m Dave Winfield, I can do anything I want, and I’m definitely better than you.  Probably not just at baseball, but life too.”

Things were shitty with the Yankees for Winfield by 1989, but brighter days were ahead for him, including a World Series win with Toronto in 1992, with Winfield getting the game-winning RBI in the decisive game six.  Maybe that’s why he looked so cool.  He knew things were going to get better.

Too Cool For Cardboard – Bo Jackson

29 Aug

1990 Score - Bo Jackson (Front)

1990 Score - Bo Jackson (Back)

1991 Score - Bo Breaker (Front)

1991 Score - Bo Breaker (Back)

Bo wasn’t just too cool for cardboard.  In his prime, he created a new echelon of cool, one that is exceedingly difficult to reach.  In order to achieve this rare, Bo-like coolness, you need to have a card company produce special one-off cards of you for at least two consecutive years.  That is the rule.  Deal with it.

Case in point, Bo Jackson, 1990 and 1991 Score baseball.  There was no explanation on the back of either card as to what the purpose of the card was, just the word “Bo.”  The card fronts speak for themselves.

That’s cool.  Bo Knows.

Too Cool for Cardboard – Kent Tekulve

24 Aug

A new category – dedicated to those cards and card subjects who are just too damn cool for life.

1988 Score - Kent Tekulve

First up, Kent Tekulve, sporting the dark aviators (as he is on the card back as well), and looking like he was going to get on his Harley after the game and go cause some shit at a roadhouse somewhere.

Tekulve, one of the great submarine pitchers of his era, actually appeared as a pitcher in 90 games in 1987… the same year that he turned 40.  I’d say that entitles you to be able to wear anything you want.

Cheers to you, Kent Tekulve, for rocking that look no matter what anyone thought.

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