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Out of Place – Ernie Whitt

20 Jun

1990 Bowman - Ernie Whitt

With this week’s interleague Toronto-Atlanta series, I want to point out that Ernie Whitt looks out of place with the Atlanta Braves, with whom he appeared on 1990 Bowman.  Ernie Whitt actually belongs in Canada.

Whitt was a key member of the Toronto Blue Jays throughout the 1980’s as they built themselves into one of the best organizations in baseball.  He became an advocate and supporter of Canadian baseball, and eventually, he actually ended up becoming a Canadian citizen.  He also managed the Canadian National Team for several years, and was elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Take that, Atlanta.

Out of Place – Fernando Valenzuela

8 May

1994 Topps - Fernando Valenzuela

I know he also pitched for the better part of three seasons in San Diego, and also for a short time for the Angels, Philadelphia, and St. Louis, but there is something that just doesn’t look right with Fernando Valenzuela pitching for the Orioles.

Also, how did that body type withstand 424 big league starts?

Out of Place – Guy Lafleur

18 Mar

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee - Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur made his return to the NHL in 1988-89 with the New York Rangers, after leaving the NHL during the 1984-85 season.  I had been too young to know him as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, so this card should have seemed normal to me, but even still, he looks out of place here – the name, the uniform, the logo… just some kind of unholy trinity.  He knew he was meant to be somewhere else.  He even looks disinterested – look at his facial expression… “Yeah, I’ll take the warmup, but I’m not going to try… and I’m not going to like it.”

This is probably sacrilege to Montreal fans – but I thought his year with the Rangers looked even weirder than the two years with the hated cross-provincial rivals, the Quebec Nordiques.

I await your letters.

Out of Place – Esa Tikkanen

14 Feb

1997-98 Score - Esa Tikkanen

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.  This post has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.  Sorry to destroy your expectations.

Instead, we are going to talk about Esa Tikkanen.  Yeah, it’s a new category, where we will celebrate not love, but things that are Out of Place.

Esa Tikkanen is out of place in 1997-98 Score for two reasons:

#1 – He is playing for the Florida Panthers.  I had totally forgotten that this happened.
#2 – He is wearing number 97.  Ninety-fucking-seven.

Esa played all of 28 games with the Florida Panthers, before finishing 1997-98 with Washington.  The greatest quote I ever read about him was in Wayne Gretzky’s 1990 autobiography, where he said “Tik was either fearless or stupid, I’m not sure which.”

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