Everyday Normal Guys – Walt Terrell

9 Sep
1989 Upper Deck - Walt Terrell

1989 Upper Deck – Walt Terrell

His name is Walt, like your father might be named.  It was a middle name, following Charles, like your grandfather’s name might have been.  He had an everyman mustache, like your coach or your teacher might have had.  As evidenced by this baseball card, he tried really, really hard to achieve success, like anyone’s role model might have done.

He is from Jeffersonville, Indiana, the kind of made up town name they use in Disney movies and coming of age dramas on TV.  He went to college in Morehead, Kentucky, a place recognized as a fourth class city within its own state.

And you just know he tells all his buddies that he was the guy who gave up Mark McGwire’s first ever Major League home run, even if the damn thing would’ve stayed in the park if it wasn’t for the steroids back then.

Walt Terrell, everybody, an Everyday Normal Guy who had a pretty good career playing baseball for money.

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