Manly, Magical Mustaches – Bryan Trottier

6 Jan
1990-91 Pro Set - Bryan Trottier

1990-91 Pro Set – Bryan Trottier

So, the NHL lockout appears to be over.  I can’t begin to compose all my thoughts about that, so I am going to focus them instead on honouring one of the great players of the NHL’s past, from a time before The Lockout Era started.

Lots of people remember Bryan Trottier for his six 100-point seasons, his Art Ross Trophy win in 1979, his six Stanley Cups as a player, or for his assault on Brian Bellows with Kevin Stevens.

What he isn’t often remembered for is his mustache.  Trottier’s mustache was a staple of the New York Islanders’ success, and then it helped push Pittsburgh over the top in 1991 and 1992 as well.  You’ll notice the Islanders have been terrible since Trottier’s mustache left, and Pittsburgh almost lost their team when he left there.  These things are more than just a coincidence.  They are part of a Mustache Legacy.

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