Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1992 Donruss Triple Play – Ben McDonald

28 Aug

1992 Triple Play – Ben McDonald (Front)

1992 Triple Play – Ben McDonald (Back)

“Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer won the Cy Young Award three times.  Did you know that he never gave up a grand slam home run in his career?”

That certainly is impressive, especially since Palmer pitched over 300 innings in a season several times – so there must have been some bases loaded opportunities in there somewhere.  He also routinely gave up over 20 home runs a season.  Maybe he was super intense with the bases loaded.  Or maybe he was just lucky.  Of course, all of this would have been during the times when Palmer wasn’t busy modeling underwear.  Seriously, look it up.  The photos now look like someone who’s trying to make fun of a 1970’s underwear model.

However, there is another perfectly good fact to learn here, but on the front of the card – Donruss has no idea how to fit an entire baseball player on a baseball card.  Sure, Ben McDonald is 6’7”, but really, that photo is kind of terrible.  It makes him look like a flamingo with bad stirrups.

I hope you’ve learned as much today as I have.

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