Badass Beards – Jeff Burroughs

21 May

1984 Topps – Jeff Burroughs

Late in his career, after joining the Oakland Athletics, Jeff Burroughs sported a beard.  It was a thick, full beard, which, thanks to Jon Dyer’s blog (very educational), we know was called the “Short Boxed” version.  It was a classic beard perfectly fit for sporting life, including the baseball field.

If Jeff Burroughs’ beard could talk, it would tell you how great it was, and that it simply didn’t respect you, with your clean-shaven-ness.  You could never lead the league in RBI in 1974.  You could never hit 41 home runs in 1977.  You could never make it to the postseason in your final season, with the 1985 Toronto Blue Jays.  It would also tell you that Jeff Burroughs was Bryce Harper in Washington 40 years before Bryce Harper – cool story at the DC Baseball History website.

Baseball.  Beard.  Burroughs.  Three words that start with B.

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