Manly, Magical Mustaches – Gene Nelson

8 Apr

1992 Topps - Gene Nelson

If I had a mustache like that, I’d be smiling too.  Gene Nelson was one of those relievers that don’t exist anymore.  You know, the ones that would pitch in 50-60 games and rack up 100-120 innings.  Nelson achieved a reasonable amount of success, helping Oakland to a World Series sweep over San Francisco in 1989.  Well, I’m not sure he really helped that much – his ERA was 54.00 and he allowed two homers in a total of one inning of work, but I’ll bet with a ‘stache like that and the hockey-style flow that he was still able to par-tay after the A’s won.

Speaking of that, if I ever stole the DeLorean from Doc Brown and Marty McFly, and I was only allowed to take it back in time to a World Series party from the 1980’s, the 1989 A’s party would be the one I’d go to.  Just think about all those egos, all those steroids, all that beer, all those Camaros and probably all that cocaine (well, maybe that was a bit earlier, who knows…) combining into one perfect storm of victory and douchebaggery.  Tell me you wouldn’t sit in the corner with a Miller High Life and enjoy that one.

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