Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1990-91 Pro Set, Alexander Mogilny

29 Jan

1990-91 Pro Set - Alexander Mogilny (Front)

1990-91 Pro Set - Alexander Mogilny (Back)

I learned a hell of a lot about Alexander Mogilny from the back of his 1990-91 Pro Set card.

  1. His nickname was “Magic.”  I never heard this one again.
  2. He had a roller-coaster rookie season in Buffalo after scoring on his first shift.
  3. He had to miss several games because of a fear of flying.  You might have picked the wrong business, kid.
  4. He won a gold medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.
  5. He loves the North American lifestyle, especially fast cars.  Shocking.

That’s a lot to digest all at once.  I could have completely skipped school that year and just read hockey cards.  Well done, Pro Set.

This remains one of my all-time favourite, albeit completely worthless, sets.

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