Everyday Normal Guys – Sid Bream

10 Oct

1992 Donruss - Sid Bream

Sid Bream seemed like a pretty decent, normal dude when he played in the Majors.  He didn’t look like any kind of super athlete.  He had a mustache.  He was slow… you know, like, Molina slow.  He was from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, population 17,970.

However, “ask any Braves fan — they can tell you where they were when Sid slid.” By scoring that sliding, winning run in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS, he may also be responsible for a curse upon his former team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he played six seasons.  That I’m not sure about, but, sometimes everyday normal guys get stuck with these curses too (see Bartman, Steve), when all they want to be is “SAFE! SAFE AT THE PLATE!” for their team. (NOTE: scroll down to the “safe” sound clip on that last link, I’m too dumb to link to it properly).

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