Manly, Magical Mustaches – Tom Brookens

18 Sep

1987 Donruss - Tom Brookens

Tom Brookens played in the Majors for 12 years, but the mark that his mustache left on professional baseball will last a lifetime.

Brookens’ mustache was thick and dark.  It hooked around his mouth, teasing into the beginnings of a Fu Manchu, but then stopped there before things got too crazy.

The mustache wasn’t a showman, but was a show in itself without having to work too hard, kind of like Brookens himself.  He played the majority of his games at third base, but also spent a decent amount of time at second and short, and even caught five innings once.

Now a First Base Coach for the Tigers, Brookens still has the mustache.  Although the colour is now a shade of grey, the spirit remains.

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