Fantastic Fashions – Mike Schmidt

3 May

1987 Fleer - Mike Schmidt - All Star

This Philadelphia Phillies jersey zips up.

Let me repeat this for you.  It has a zipper on the front.  Not buttons, and it is not a pullover.  It has a fucking zipper.

It is also baby blue, and is being worn by Mike Schmidt on a super cool looking 1987 Fleer All-Star card.

Nothing else needs to be said.  Absolutely awesome.

One Response to “Fantastic Fashions – Mike Schmidt”

  1. thespokeeasy May 17, 2011 at 7:34 PM #

    Imagine sliding on that zipper. imagine catching your nipple in the zipper while sliding. If you played the rest of the game after your nipple was torn off, and played with the nipple still stuck in your zipper, would you be considered tough?

    I’m not sure.

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