Out of Place – Guy Lafleur

18 Mar

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee - Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur made his return to the NHL in 1988-89 with the New York Rangers, after leaving the NHL during the 1984-85 season.  I had been too young to know him as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, so this card should have seemed normal to me, but even still, he looks out of place here – the name, the uniform, the logo… just some kind of unholy trinity.  He knew he was meant to be somewhere else.  He even looks disinterested – look at his facial expression… “Yeah, I’ll take the warmup, but I’m not going to try… and I’m not going to like it.”

This is probably sacrilege to Montreal fans – but I thought his year with the Rangers looked even weirder than the two years with the hated cross-provincial rivals, the Quebec Nordiques.

I await your letters.

One Response to “Out of Place – Guy Lafleur”

  1. 1967ers March 18, 2011 at 9:24 AM #

    It was odd, to be sure. Look for the youtube clips of Lafleur’s first game against the Habs in Montreal.

    At the same time, there are Ranger cards of Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey, Bernie Geoffrion (who also came out of retirement to play in NY) and lesser lights like Phil Goyette and Don Marshall, so there’s some precedent.

    Bobby Hull also attempted a comeback with the Rangers in 1981-82. Nilsson and Hedberg were still there, so I guess he wanted to recapture the magic of Winnipeg.

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