WTF – Steve Nicosia, 1982 Fleer

26 Jan

1982 Fleer - Steve Nicosia

Flashback to Spring Training 1981… Fleer’s Photographer is instructing Steve Nicosia in preparation for taking the picture on this card:

“Hey, Steve… here’s what you need to do.  Put on the brightest, loudest uniform that you can find… what?  Don’t overthink it man, you play for the fucking Pirates, you’ve got something that’ll work… Yeah, yellow, that looks good, and that striped cap, beautiful.  Now, get down on one knee and put your right hand on your hip.  There, now you look like a ballplayer!  No, don’t wear a glove, come on … I’m in charge here.  Hey, don’t hold that bat either.  You’re being ridiculous.  Focus, Steve.  Now, stare wistfully into the distance.  No, not that way, you idiot.  As if you’re trying to look behind you.  Therrrrre you go!  Wait, we can’t do this yet.  Something’s missing.  You know what, you’re chewing gum.  Blow a bubble.  Bigger… bigger… keep going… there it is!  Now hold that pose!  <Snaps two quick photos so as not to waste “film”>  You’re done buddy, thanks! … No, it didn’t look ridiculous … No, I will not do that … Yes, I’m actually a photographer.  Fuck this, I’m leaving.  Hope the 80’s don’t suck for Pittsburgh.”

And there you have it, the making of Steve Nicosia’s 1982 Fleer card.

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