Newsworthy – January 8, 2011 – Roberto Alomar & Pat Gillick in the HOF

8 Jan

1991 Fleer Ultra - Roberto Alomar

I’m a couple days late on this Newsworthy item, and the “newsworthiness” of it probably expired a day or two ago.  Deal with it.

Based on play alone, this honour is well deserved for Roberto Alomar, arguably one of the greatest second basemen to ever play the game.

However, there’s more to the story here.  It’s not about steroids, but about the questions of what belongs on a moral pedestal and what doesn’t.  Check out a great article over at Drunk Jays Fans that sums it up perfectly.

Either way, good to see a Jays cap in the hall, but to be honest, I’m happier for Pat Gillick.

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