Names I Can’t Believe Aren’t Famous – Bruce Shoebottom

30 Oct

1990-91 Pro Set - Bruce Shoebottom

Reasons besides the name Shoebottom that Shoebottom should be famous.  Found on the internet (a new and reasonably useful tool, check it out if you haven’t yet) at

-Suspended by IHL during 1986-87 season for going into stands to fight fans during a game at Salt Lake City
-Suspended by AHL during 1990-91 game for head butting linesman Brad Weeden
-Arrested and jailed for one night in 1991 after going into stands to fight a fan during a game at Utica
-In a 1994 game in Tulsa, he tried to leave the penalty box to resume a fight, and police had to intervene to protect the penalty box attendant, at which point he head butted the officer, who had to put him in a chokehold and use pepper spray to subdue him.

Also, great name.

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