Haircuts I Wish I Could Pull Off – The Dave Stieb

28 Oct

1993 Topps - Dave Stieb

Stieb’s classic mullet was at its best late in his career.  Injured for much of 1992, he was but a bit player on the Blue Jays first World Series win that season – but he made up for it with the haircut.

Three aspects of the Dave Stieb Haircut come to mind when looking more closely at this 1993 Topps card.

  1. Meticulously groomed on the sides – kept short for a maximum “business” look.
  2. Also well groomed at the back, flowing out from under the cap.  Not just left to grow wild and out of control like Mitch Williams, this flow says “I could throw a no-hitter at you, bitch.”
  3. Coupled perfectly with one of the best pitchers’ mustaches of all time.  Definitely one of the best combinations ever.  Glorious.

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