Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1985 Topps, Al Oliver

19 Oct

1985 Topps - Al Oliver (Back)

“Has largest collection of men’s cologne in baseball.  Plays racquetball every day during the off-season.”

1985 Topps - Al Oliver (Front)

I have four things to say/ask:

  1. How the hell do they know who has the largest collection of men’s cologne?  Seriously, that question comes up somewhere?
  2. Does the racquetball thing make the first part less weird?  No, it does not.
  3. I am not surprised that someone with a huge cologne collection would have a mustache like that and a big gold chain.  Kind of makes it more believable.
  4. It seems like 1985 Topps is a hotbed for awesome card back facts, which is weird because they’re one of the harder colour schemes to read that Topps ever gave us.

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