Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1985 Topps, Kurt Bevacqua

30 Sep

1985 Topps - Kurt Bevacqua (Back)

“On 8-31-82 Kurt caught 5 balls dropped from top of Imperial Tower Building (San Diego), a distance of 325 feet.”

What?  Was this some kind of publicity stunt?  Probably.

However, I would prefer to think that Kurt Bevacqua is some kind of baseball-playing superhero for saving innocent bystanders from an evil arch-enemy known for standing on top of downtown buildings throwing baseballs at people.  Since he played for the Padres in the 80’s, maybe he even had a brown and yellow cape with bubble lettering.

1985 Topps - Kurt Bevacqua (Front)

Who knows?  Bevacquaman knows.

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