Fantastic Fashions – 1990 Bowman, Chuck McElroy

3 Sep

1990 Bowman - Chuck McElroy

Alright.  Let’s break this one down.  Three reasons Chuck should have rethought his look:

1. The glasses.  Oh, the glasses.  Somewhere, Chuck’s grandmother is pissed she can’t see her television program without them.
2. “Hi, my name is Chuck.  I may be 14 years old, but I’m going to grow a mustache anyway.  Fuck you, world.”
3. Intense, overbite-inducing stare.  In a posed photo for 1990 Bowman.  Just look at the camera like everyone else.  Who do you think you are, McElroy?  Did he already know that in 1996 he’d get traded straight up for Lee Smith, giving him some serious bragging rights for life?  Maybe those glasses were giving him Future Vision.

For a guy who started out looking like this, it’s remarkable that he had a solid major league career as a reliever.  Congratulations, Chuck, on overcoming your questionable sense of fashion.

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