Fantastic Fashion – The Layered Helmet

30 Aug

Yeah, another new category.  What can I say, I keep finding things I want to talk about on sports cards.  This one will deal with fashions that you look at and just have to say “what in the name of fuck were they wearing?”  Always remember, look good, play good.

Today, we examine the phenomenon that I like to call The Layered Helmet.  That’s where a baseball player, for some reason, decides that instead of wearing the helmet directly on his head, he needs to use his cap as a buffer.  This practice is also popular among youth baseball leagues where helmet sharing is common.

There is a slight possibility that this is more comfortable, but it looks ridiculous.  It never looks good.  Case in point: Dusty Baker, 1986 Leaf (Canadian Donruss), sporting the old school model of helmet with no ear flaps, and 1990 Bowman, featuring Dion James sporting the single ear flap:

1986 Leaf - Dusty Baker

1990 Bowman - Dion James

The look that James was working on is clearly the worst of the two, because it’s not even an action photo like the Baker card.  It’s clearly a posed photo, allowing for time to fix the look, but James decided to keep the helmet on, and was therefore banned from being allowed to make any more of his own decisions.  In fact, no team signed him for the 1991 season.  I blame this on his fashion decisions.  Faux pas, Dion, faux pas.

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