Amazing Airbrushing – 1987 Topps Traded, Terry Harper

11 Aug

1987 Topps Traded - Terry Harper

The Topps Traded sets of the 1980’s are fantastic resources for uncovering airbrushed treasures.

This particular card is amazing for the following reasons:

1. It’s from 1987 Topps.  If you’re a card collector and you don’t like 1987 Topps, there is something wrong with you.  Seek professional help.
2. What is going on with that hat?  So many issues.
3. The retouched undershirt, which they kept blue, for some reason.  Interestingly, Harper was traded from Atlanta to Detroit prior to 1987, and then to Pittsburgh during the 1987 season, so perhaps this is a double-airbrushed card.  Is there any way that maybe there exists somewhere in the Topps archives this exact card, but instead of a badly airbrushed Pirates uniform, there is a badly airbrushed Tigers uniform?  I can only dream.
4. That neckline and jersey look more like he is wearing a choir robe than a baseball jersey.
5. Seriously, that’s the photo you chose to airbrush?

1987 Topps Traded - Reggie Jackson

SIDE NOTE: How great is this 1987 Topps Traded Reggie Jackson card showing him playing for the A’s?  It’s like going back in time to Reggie’s early career with the A’s from 1967-1975, except he’s old, fat and way past his prime.  I wonder what that clubhouse was like in 1987, Reggie playing with a rookie McGwire and a second year Canseco, just a year before they started causing some serious shit in the AL West.

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